Patrick Wong

Patrick Wong

With 12 years professional experience in post production film and television, I am making a career transformation with the goal of improving the cognitive space of our products and consumption.

My work experience spans across kids shows, feature film, television and commercials. 

I have spent significant time practicing digital witchcraft to create eye candy for Hollywood. I engaged the production of luxury digital artifacts and made the bling of the industry.

Pivoting to UX, my intention is to shift to support the creation of healthy culturally significant, active cognitive artifacts, aiming to positively speak to the hopes of who we want to become as implied through our products.

UX Design is an opportunity to tell the user side of the story and a means to explore healthy relationships with products and the habits that come from them.

I would like to be involved in the design and research of “user needs” to deliver artifacts that have meaning and cultural substance.  My hope is to contribute to creating a better future through design.

As an ardent McLuhanite, my background in rhetorical studies at  U of T Semiotics brings a unique perspective to UX and I am eager to begin my transition to actively support the growth of culture through technology.

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